About Us

Bangalore Super Strikers Soccer School

Background Of The Club

Bangalore Super Strikers Football Club did not happen overnight. We would like to highlight the main pillars who were the reason for this initiative. Firstly, Mr. Devaraj and Mrs. Rajammal Devaraj always had a vision to see their grandson playing for the Indian Team. Though Mr.Devaraj is no more with us, we believe that his blessings will always be with us to fulfill his dream.
The second one is Ram, the president of this club who had a great passion towards football. He started playing from his early childhood. He played matches at many levels and received several awards. His thirst for football is never ending. During his time, there were no proper platforms and guidance for a middle-class individual to reach their desired destination.
With the intent of fulfilling his parent's and his dream, he started coaching Sabari (his son), who played KSFA league match Under 10 recently. In this journey of coaching his son, Ram had to face several challenges to bring his son to this level. That is when he realized that there are many other kids out there who have the potential but do not have the right guidance and platform to fulfill their dreams. So, he wished to provide support to those who long for opportunities and hence established this club.


We are committed to innovation, creativity, excellence and team work with an objective of reaching our vision.


Our Mission
Our mission is to create awareness about football and support each individual by providing opportunity to showcase their skills and to excel in the same. We create the best players by providing them high quality training in a friendly yet challenging environment for those who aspire to become world-class footballers.
Our Vision
To develop a good reputation for football by producing well trained players, To help them reach peak levels of performance through good foundation, sporting spirit, maintain high standards of excellence and to produce future talented champions for the country.





Creating The Total Footballer.

We are the football coaching provider with the only motive of quality service and training.
We promise superior, consistent and quality service. we also enhance our level of expertise, in a more friendly and professional manner to all our players.
Our main focus is to identify and train young talents and guide them to explore themselves in STATE LEVEL & NATIONAL LEVEL football competitions and tournaments. Our ultimate goal is to provide Standard coaching and training thus improving the level of confidence and excitement in all the members to enjoy and experience the game of football at its finest level.
We are creating football players who have the opportunity to excel individually and yet be a part of high performing team.

🌸 🙏 🙏 A special tribute to my grandparents: R.Nanjundaiah & N.Rajamma and my great grandparents: Ramaiah & R.Aaliammal.
You are always in our hearts. 🙏 🙏 🌸